Copyright Registration South Korea

We will elaborate your copyright registration in South Korea and file it with the competent Korean authorities.

1.180,00 €
1.180,00 €

Copyright registration in Korea has to be made with the Korea Copyright Commision.

What can be registered?

Copyright registration in Korea is possible for the following categories of works:

  • works(literary, musical, theatrical, artistic, architecture, photographic, audiovisual, diagrammatic, computer programs, etc)
  • neighboring rights(performances, broadcasts, sound recordings) and database
  • alteration of rights(transfer by assignment, restrictions on the disposal of copyright and establishment of the pledge right./establishment of publication right and exclusive publication right)

and to which effect?

  • a person whose real name is registered shall be presumed to be the author of the respective work
  • a work for which its date of creation or initial date of disclosure is registered shall be presumed to have been created or made public on the registered date - however, if a work is registered more than one year after its creation, it shall not be presumed to have been created on the date registered
  • when a registered work is infringed upon, it shall be presumed that the infringement has occurred due to negligence at least


Once the application has been fioled completely, the certificate of registration will be issued about 2-3 weeks from the filing date


EUR 1,180.00

Required documents and information

The following documents are required in an application to register the copyright in a work:

  • PoA
  • certificate of nationality (notarized) / copy of passport (natural person) or Certificate of Incorporation (legal person)
  • sample of the work to be copyrighted

According to the principle “one registration for one work” it is required to claim one registration for each sinlge work or category

The following information is required in an application to register the copyright in a work:

  • title of the work
  • description of the work (theme of the work, contents, originality of expression etc.)
  • date of creation
  • date of first publication (if any)
  • country of publication
  • method of publication, e.g. online publishing, magazines, books etc.
  • information re. media of publication
  • name of author as indicated in the publication

Additional information

Upon completion of the registration, a certified copy may be obtained, which being an officially recognized document may be used to prove the ownership in the respective copyright.

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