Copyright Registration Malaysia

We will elaborate your copyright registration in Malaysia and file it with the competent Malaysian authorities.

850,00 €
850,00 €

Copyright registration in Malaysia has to be made with the Malaysia Intellectual Property Office / MyIPO

What can be registered?

Copyright registration in Malaysia is possible for the following categories of works:

  • literary works
  • artistic works
  • musical works
  • dramatic works
  • sound recordings
  • published editions
  • films
  • broadcasts and performer’s rightsDerivative works such as translations, adaption, compilations may also be protected under Malaysian Copyright Law.

Foreign authors

Works of foreign authors can be registered if they meet the requirements of Malaysian Copyright Law.

Required documents and information:

The following documents are required in an application to register the copyright in a work:

  • Application forms
  • tatutory Declaration (approximately 3-4 pages long) asserting the copyright and enclosing a copy of the copyrighted work

The following information is required in an application to register the copyright in a work:

  • the name, address and nationality of the owner of the copyright
  • the category of the work
  • the title of the work
  • the name of the author and, if the author is dead, the date of the author's death, if known
  • in the case of a published work, the date and place of the first publication
  • any other information as the Minister may determine from time to time

Additional information:

The advantage of voluntarily notifying the Registrar is that any extracts from the Register of Copyright that are certified to be true by the Controller or Deputy Controller shall be prima facie evidence of the particulars entered therein and such certified extracts of the Register of Copyright shall be admissible in all courts.

The purpose of the voluntary notification procedure is to afford copyright owners with more tangible protection, by notifying and depositing a copy of the work eligible for copyright with MyIPO. Copyright recordal serves as a legal formality to make a public record of the basic facts of a particular copyright.

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