Copyright Registration Russian Federation

We will elaborate your copyright registration in the Russian Federation and file it with the competent authorities.

990,00 EUR

Copyright registration in the Russian Federation has to be made with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks (Rospatent)

What can be registered?

Copyright registration in the Russian Federation is possible for:

  • software, databases, any kind of computer programs.

How can protection be secured for other works?

  • publication of the work
  • depositing the work with an authorised organization
  • notarization of the evidence of creation

Foreign authors

Foreigners, persons without citizenship or without legal residence in the Russian Federation and foreign legal entities may also register copyrights.


Registration process will take about 3 months.


EUR 990.00
additional fees may occur for translation, courier delivery etc

Required documents and information

The following documents are required in an application to register the copyright in a work:

  • PoA (no notarization / legalization required)
  • Set of documents (application, consent of the authors) signed by the author/authors
  • Description of the program and code of the program (listing)

Additional information

In general, the transfer / assignment of copyrights does not have to be registered. Exception: any such agreement concluded with respect to a registered computer program, database etc. has to be registered.

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